Sichuang Technology is subordinate to Shenyang Sichuang Technology Co., Ltd. Sichuang is a scientific and technological research and development enterprise committed to independent production, sales and service of elevator control management system. On the basis of consolidating the existing business, the company adheres to the concept of creating a simple and convenient smart life, and actively expands its business landscape. In the future, it will open the smart home market, use the concept of Internet plus to synchronize mobile devices, mobile wearables, and biometrics technology to achieve intelligent elevator riding, and create a simpler and more comfortable life for users.

Elevator IC card swiping system

The IC card swiping system of all-in-one smart elevator is a leading level in the elevator control industry both at home and abroad

All in one card intelligent access control management system, more safe under the premise of beautiful room, professional military movement

All in one card intelligent software management system, a necessary product for high-end hotels, enterprises, communities and venues
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Let cognitive exploration bring better business results

We devote ourselves to the research and development of elevator card swiping system technology, build product quality with the professionalism of excellence, and provide users with more convenient and comfortable intelligent services.

With the maturity of China's elevator market and the increasingly fierce competition, elevator intelligent maintenance management and elevator safety are attracting more and more attention from elevat
In order to further deepen the institutional reform, optimize the business environment and improve the regulatory efficiency, the State Administration of Market Supervision recently drafted the Decisi
In recent years, China's elevator industry has developed rapidly and has become a large elevator country. It is in the leading position in the world in terms of both the number of elevators manufactur
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